Habitat was born in 2019 as a local project dedicated to promoting regenerative organic farming of soils and landscapes through an Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cooperative. Project promoted by the Alvelal Association https://www.alvelal.net/


Our farmers obtain a fair price for their organic crops in the Southeast of Andalusia and Murcia (specifically the Altiplano Granadino, Los Vélez, Alto Almanzora and Northwest Regions of Murcia) and in this way we can continue with our activity to stop the effects of desertification in the territory.

The basic activity of our cooperative is to market the highest quality organic extra virgin oil that regenerates soils and landscapes and bring it to your table from our farm

In short, this project aims to balance the ecosystem, and for this it is important that:

Farmers become aware of the need to adopt regenerative agriculture, to avoid the degeneration of their soils.

Crops provide more work and social wealth, as well as farmers and oil mills establishing cooperative work strategies, strengthening the community and the common good.

The commercialization of regenerative agriculture products helps to envision a prosperous future for farms, increasing the financial capacity of local producers

In the long term, the territory recovers its natural balance, moving away from desertification.

In this way, this territory will contribute to the fight against climate change, since regenerative organic farming has the potential to capture CO2 from the atmosphere through plants and soil.

The oil extraction process

The cooperative company will be in charge of filtering, packaging and marketing the Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, from the Regenerative Agriculture of the Alvelal territory.

For this, the operation will be as follows:

The farmers will take the crops to the nearest oil mill participating in the project (which will be certified organic). Generally it will be early oil to have the best quality.

Once the oil is available, it will be transferred to the bottling plant of the new company, where it will be filtered and stored in a silo that meets the quality requirements, so that the oil retains all its organoleptic and chemical properties throughout its life season.

The company will have several silos so that each space can have its varieties in a differentiated way and allow a more personalized marketing of the product, taking into account the organoleptic characteristics of each area.

From the stored oil, batches of oil will be packaged as orders are placed, each one of them in the established packaging.