Our Philosophy

4 Returns - 3 Zones - 20 Years

Natural Return

With the ECOLOGICAL AGRICULTURE as a base, we produce with techniques that REGENERATE the structure of the SOIL, carry out SUSTAINABLE and RESPONSIBLE management of WATER and improve BIODIVERSITY. Techniques such as plant cover, which increases the CAPTURE of CO2 and helps in the fight against CLIMATE CHANGE.

Economic Return

We believe in the balance between ECONOMY and ECOLOGY. That is why our producers regenerate soil and landscape and we market through short channels FROM PRODUCER TO CONSUMER, paying a FAIR PRICE, above the usual price, so that producers can continue implementing REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE.

Return of Inspiration

WE ENCOURAGE the appearance of new PROJECTS that generate FUTURE OPPORTUNITIES in our territory. And we create COMMUNITY through our producers, suppliers and consumers so that other communities and people commit to SUSTAINABILITY.

Social Return

WE PROMOTE FAIR LABOR CONDITIONS for our producers and workers. We promote mutual support and SOCIAL ACTIVITY, strengthening the educational fabric and culture and promoting an improvement in the QUALITY OF LIFE and WELL-BEING in our towns, thus fighting against RURAL DEPOPULATION.

Natural Zone

It is the non-cultivated area, where the comprehensive ECOSYSTEM RESTORATION projects are developed.

Agricultural Area

Productive zone in which a PRODUCTIVE AGROECOSYSTEM is developed that integrates the production of HEALTHY FOOD in BALANCE with NATURE through regenerative agricultural techniques of soil and landscape.

Economic Zone

Urban area in which the ESSENTIAL SERVICES are generated and the agricultural products with ADDED VALUE are TRANSFORMED and MARKETED.


A long-term vision is essential, as landscape restoration takes up to a generation to become visible.

Our Territory

Steppe Plateau

1.000.000 Ha.
200.000 Population.
410.000 Agricultural Ha.
575.000 Ha. Natural areas.

We are facing

EROSION – Loss of 20Tn/Ha/Year of soil.
DROUGHT – 30% decrease in rainfall.
BIODIVERSITY – 40% decrease.
DEPOPULATION – 14% decline.
CLIMATE CHANGE – Increase in temperature of 1.1º

*Approximate data for the last decade in the ALVeLAL Territory.

More than a echo

Agriculture has the power to transform the landscape for better or worse.
That is why we take a step beyond the ecological, betting on Regenerative Agriculture techniques
of soil and landscape that generate benefits in our territory.
We present some of the techniques that you can find in our farms.

Resilience Against Climate Change

Organic Farming

Increase in Biodiversity

Windbreak Hedges
Islands and strips of vegetation
Crop diversification
Beehives, ponds and insect hotels

Water Regulation

Infiltration ditches (Swales)
Contour lines

CO2 capture

Plant cover

Reduction of Erosion and Improvement of Soil Structure

Padding (Mulching)
Green manures
Incorporation of extensive livestock


We are producers, ranchers, companies, researchers and many other profiles of society who work together for the enviromental, economic and social regeneration of our territory.

We are part of the largest REGENERATION plan in Europe.

We want to be a source of inspiration for other people and communities.

To guarantee all this we have a Homologation 4 Returns

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