The commercialization of Habitat is the best guarantee to avoid the degradation of the incredible landscapes of the Southeast of Spain, declared a Geopark by UNESCO.

All the farmers of the Habitat cooperative are found in the semi-arid areas of the Southeast of Spain, in the provinces of Almería, Granada and Murcia.

 In this space the olive trees are cultivated in dry land following traditional practices.


This large territory of more than 1,000,000 ha, has extreme climatic characteristics: altitude, high temperatures in summer and freezing cold in winter, low rainfall, etc. Environmental conditions that give the oil specific and unique aromas.

All Habitat farmers are certified organic and meet the regenerative agriculture criteria of the AlVelAl Association and the sustainability criteria of the 4 Returns of the Commonland Foundation.

The extreme climate, together with the effects of climate change, exposes the territory to desertification; In opposition to this, the use by farmers of these regenerative techniques in the olive grove maintains the fertility of the soil and limits the damaging effects of desertification.

Climate change has led to bringing forward the harvest to November, before the frosts and winter snows, improving the characteristics of the oil.